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I have been facilitating a range of workshops since 2021 working alongside organisations such as Blossom LGBT and also solo, I absolutely LOVE connecting with others through creativity! Please do get in contact if you'd like me to host or facilitate a creative workshop for your business, institution or company!


Examples of some of the workshops I've hosted are:

  • Queer life drawing classes (more info below) 

  • Self love themed journal making 

  • Affirmation canvas making focused on mental health

  • LGBTQ+ zine making during LGBTQ history month

  • Collaborative painting themed around community 

  • Christmas decoration painting 

  • Joy sensory/ jar making for  

  • Candle painting (Christmas themed!)

  • Collaging using magazines and upcycled materials

  • Upcycled fabric rug making 




Every 4th Tuesday of the month I facilitate queer 18+ life drawing classes at New House Art Space in Guildford. The classes so far have got amazing feedback of being a welcoming and fun space to relax and get creative! Check out my insta for more info!


Beginning in november 2021 I worked alongside alongside Blossom LGBT and Art in Practice to facilitate free, in person LGBTQ+ artist workshops at G-live Guildford every month for 6 months! Our sessions included making canvases, zines, joy jar and collages all focused on themes of identity and self expression. The workshops have been such a fun, amazing way to build community and bring LGBTQ+ people (and Ally's) together, using creativity to promote mental wellness and connection. I now continue to work with Blossom to occasionally help run their art workshops across Surrey. 

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