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Trans rights charity sticker pack

Trans rights charity sticker pack


Vinyl sticker pack of 5 waterproof stickers designed in collaboration with Dee Whitnall for their campaign 'Trans kids deserve to grow up' all profits from this sticker pack will be going to the charity Mermaids (

More about the campaign:
'In June, the UK Government's planned schools guidance was leaked, exposing the possibility that teachers would be forced to out Trans Kids to their parents, allow teachers to misgender students, ban Trans Kids from engaging in single-sex sports or spaces and allowing headteachers to disregard a child's chosen gender if they please. The movement #TransKidsDeserveToGrowUp is fighting for exactly that. For Trans Kids to be given the same possibility of a fulfilling life as every other child, because if this guidance goes ahead, that may not be the case.'

Dee's instagram:

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